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On newer BMW’s you will find the Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS). This component monitors and measures your battery performance. The software calculates your “state of charge” and “state of health” of your battery whether your vehicle is on or off.

It’s important to know that this sensor can easily be damaged by improper handling. Removing the battery cable roughly or water leaks can simply damage the sensor causing false readings. The IBS manages power consumption and a faulty reading can cause other electronics to be limited or switched off as the computer thinks there is an issue with the battery.

The IBS system charges your battery when needed, allowing your battery to consistently stay at optimal performance.

How do you know if your BMW as IBS?

Knowing the warning signs of a bad IBS sensor can save you money on new battery replacement. Often times BMW owners think their battery is dead due to a bad battery. They replace the battery not understanding why it drained. Then the new battery has the same issue as their previous one. Only to find out from their local BMW mechanic that it was the sensor causing the issue, not the battery itself.

It’s important to bring your vehicle to a professional bmw repair facility if your warning light comes on so we can determine if you need a new battery requiring BMW Battery Repair Registration or a new sensor.

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