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If you are the owner of a BMW, you know that you are behind the wheel of a mechanical work of art. BMW has a history of craftsmanship and superior quality. Those who own these magnificent cars will retain ownership as long as possible. It goes without saying that a lot of care and attention has to be given to a BMW. It is a very durable automobile, but can be extremely expensive to repair. This is why even the smallest things have to be kept in mind. The coolant in the engine is far more critical than many people understand.

The muscle of the BMW is a very powerful engine. You can generate a lot of horsepower and a fair amount of heat, as well. The temperature has to be kept under control, or it will damage the engine. This is the primary role of coolant in your vehicle; it maintains a good level of heat. The car can still generate all the power necessary, but not so much that vital parts are damaged. There are a number of ways in which a BMW owner can find out if there’s problem with the coolant.

1. A Sudden Increase in Temperature. The temperature gauge on the dashboard should display the needle somewhere in the middle range. If it is trending closer and closer to the far right, there is trouble in the coolant system.

2. A Very Sweet Smell Coming from Under the Hood. Coolant has a sweet smell to it, and if you notice there is a particular odor of sweetness coming from the engine area, it most likely is coolant.

3. Having To Refill Coolant All the Time. This is not something that should be a routine job but if the temperature registered in your car is consistently high, you may find yourself continually adding coolant.

4. Check the Coolant Temp Sensor. The coolant system is a fairly sophisticated piece of machinery, and it is not easy finding a leak. The most obvious place would be the coolant temp sensor. This is where the leaks in BMW coolant system are most common, and you can find one at the lower radiator hose.

Be aware you cannot ignore problems with the coolant. Even if you have a used BMW, you have spent more on purchasing it then you would the average car. Your investment can be placed in serious jeopardy. A coolant system that is malfunctioning will eventually allow higher temperatures to be registered in the car engine. You are looking at a very serious and expensive repair should that happen.

When you’re dealing with a problem concerning coolant, you have options to use. These can help prevent a problem from becoming a full-fledged disaster.

  • Have the Coolant System Flushed. What you are doing here is getting rid of all of the old coolant, which may have become filthy with corroded debris. Those tiny particles can lead to leaks developing.
  • Insist on OEM parts. It is possible that the radiator or the coolant temperature sensor has been damaged. If that is true, you should only use the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Aftermarket parts are less expensive, but they are rarely covered by warranty. You should remember that a BMW is not an ordinary family car. OEM parts are usually covered by any warranty you have purchased, and were manufactured at the same time your BMW was moving down the assembly line.

If you need repair work to be done on the coolant system, this is not something you should trust to a standard auto service center. Mind you, the mechanics are honest and hard-working but they might not be at all familiar with the BMW model. They might not have the equipment necessary to do a complete job. It is again a situation where you have to protect your investment. A poor repair job only results in bigger problems later on. Let mechanics who are trained in BMW systems do the work.

Bay Diagnostic is the place to go in Brooklyn. We’ve been working on the BMW model of car for over 30 years, and we are very familiar with this type of automobile. We can work on the important parts of your cooling system, including radiators, coolant temperature sensors, electrical thermostats, and water pumps and hoses. Our mechanics are able to spot the problem quickly, and provide the remedy.

It is certainly true that if you take care of your BMW, you will have a magnificent car for many years. To prevent overheating either in the city or on the highway, the coolant system has to be in good working order. We can fix any problems that may surface. This helps you get the most out of your car, and protects the financial investment in your BMW.

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