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What is BMW Coding?

BMW coding is the process in which BMW groups system specific operating requirement (data) together the assigns code or labels to each data groups. Those data groups are then pre-loaded into “codable” modules along with a simple set of operation instructions. Operation requirement types can be O2 sensors, emissions controls, fuel type, Manual or Auto transmissions.

The procedure to assign groups of data to the operation program of a specific control module/component is known as coding. A codable control module has basic operation programs pre-installed along with specific variations. The process allows you to change the basic operation of a module/component on your vehicle.

With BMW coding, you’re able to make minor changes to your vehicles software to unlock features BMW makes available in some of its vehicles.

What is BMW Programming?

BMW programming is a more complex version of coding. While coding refers to minor changes of existing software installed on your BMW. Programming on the other hand refers to major changes that may include new hardware installed on your vehicle that will work with existing software.

Programming loads control functions into a specific control module not previously installed on your vehicle.

The simplest away to explain the difference is a programmer rewrites or writes new software in your vehicle whereas the coding manipulates existing software installed on your vehicle.

If you have questions about BMW Repair or service that has to do with coding, programming or tuning, give us a call and we’ll discuss your options.

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