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Carbon buildup in your vehicle is something that can occur over time in not just BMWs with direct injection but it is a more common occurrence in BMWs. There are multiple models of BMW with direct injection including the N54, N55, N63, N73 and S63 as well as most future models. These models and many more including the E60 535i, the F25 X3 3.5 and all BMW E70 X5 MY2011 and newer all feature some of the most amazing, advanced and sophisticated features in modern engine technology available today.

Benefits of direct injection

With direct injection however, it’s important to note that this moves the fuel injector from outside the combustion chamber to inside the combustion chamber and directly over the top of the piston. The idea behind this is to allow for a greater fuel atomization, which creates a more homogenous fuel mixture and a precise timing of when the fuel is introduced into the combustion chamber. This allows higher compression ratios, cylinder pressures and will also boost your psi, which improves both your fuel economy and also your engine’s output. However, now that your fuel injector is inside the combustion chamber, there’s no longer rich fuel being introduced at the back of the intake valve before it enters the combustion chamber.

Symptoms of carbon build up

It may be easier to imagine the commercials you may have seen about how using high quality gas versus just a generic, lesser fuel will work to keep your engine cleaner. This is actually fairly accurate, in a typical manifold port fuel injection; a detergent laden fuel will keep the valve and port pretty clean. But now that the fuel injector has been moved to inside the combustion chamber, there’s no more detergent laden fuel reaching the back of the intake valve and inside the walls of the intake port, which leaves both parts vulnerable to carbon deposits and will lead to carbon build up over time. When a build up of carbon occurs, it can cause a restriction within the inlet tract, which will translate to you the driver as a <rougher running engine, a lack of power or acceleration, the check engine light turning on, a massive drop at varying RPM levels and even a loud screeching noise due to the valve not being able to close completely as a result of a heavy build-up.

Procedure of BMW’s carbon cleaning

Cleaning a carbon build-up that’s inside the engine can usually come to be an extremely costly and labor extensive procedure as the engine may need to be removed from the vehicle or taken apart along with using specific materials needed to prevent damaging the internal components but BMW has since manufactured their own special equipment to allow for easier intake port cleaning that keeps the engine intact and assembled and still in the car, minimizing the chances of damaging your engine and reducing the room for error. BMW’s carbon cleaning procedure utilizes walnut shells that have been ground to between .45 and .80 mm to clean the intake valve and intake port. It’s a similar process to sand blasting but when you use the walnut shells, they act like organic soft abrasives and will not damage your intake valve, valve guide or intake port while also cleaning them and removing debris and carbon buildup. Whether you’re a BMW owner and driver or you own a vehicle with a direct injection engine, this is a service that you will need sooner or later to maintain the health and cleanliness of your engine.

Why you should come to Bay Diagnostic?

Bay Diagnostic’scertified BMW specialists are equipped with the highest quality diagnostic and cleaning equipment, to ensure that if your BMW is in need of carbon cleaning, you get the exact process designed by the company themselves performed by our experienced and trained professionals using the same technology and equipment you would at the dealership. If you think your engine may be in need of cleaning or you’re noticing unusual sounds or your car is handling or performing out of the ordinary and would like to have it looked at, please visit for a full list of our services offered and performed or call us at 718-615-0705 to schedule a service or maintenance appointment for your car with one of our certified BMW mechanics today.

BMW image credit goes to:kurmyshov.

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