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BMW’s that are equipped with an IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor) measure battery capacity and notify you when it needs to be replaced. You need to registrar battery replacements.

Why register your new battery?

The electrical system of BMW’s after 2002 became very sophisticated.

After you install a new battery, the service function “Register Battery Replacement” must be completed. BMW vehicles with IBS inform the power management software (software in the electronics and intelligent battery sensor) must know in order to properly function the power management in your vehicle. Not doing so will lead to limited electrical functions or functions being turned off to conserve power. Additionally the system will try to recharge the new batter, causing premature failure of your new battery.

Can you perform the “Register Battery Replacement” yourself?

BMW vehicles require factory specific scanners to talk with your vehicles computer. If you have the correct scan tool, you can perform this process yourself. If you do not, it’s important to go to a BMW repair facility that has purchased the correct scanner. A reputable BMW repair shop in Brooklyn such as Bay Diagnostic owns these scanners and continually upgrades the software for newer vehicles.

Anytime you need to make changes to the computer systems in your vehicle, we strongly recommend having this performed by a professional technician. This allow allows your technician to identify small problems before they become big repairs.

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