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1. Alloy Wheel Corrosion

Due to the light-weight aluminum nature of the alloy wheel, maintenance is imperative for longevity. Corrosion occurs through scratches, dents, pitting, brake dust, and low-profile suspension. When the damage isn’t replaceable and intervention is required, refurbishment is an affordable option that we provide. However, since there aren’t solutions to reverse the corrosion, it’s essential to wash and remove any grime as a preventative measure. Be wary of the harshness of high-powered pressure washers; avoid automatic car washes at all costs.

2. Oil Filter Housing Gasket Leak

The most common issue for a BMW is an oil filter housing gasket leak. Over time, the housing gasket connecting the oil filter to the engine wears down. The most effective solution is preventative action through regularly scheduled oil changes. That way any issues can be caught in the early stages before it’s too late. If left unaddressed, this leak can cause severe engine damage and failure– a dangerous and costly risk.

3. Faulty Heater Core and Coolant Systems

Overheating or not producing enough heat are the first signs of faulty heater core and coolant systems. Make sure to watch out for a sweet odor dispensing from the vents, as that signifies leaking coolant. Since most BMW coolant systems last between 80,000 and 120,000 miles, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance to catch these issues and avoid further damage and expense.

4. Electrical Issues

According to a 2018 incident in the UK, over 300,000 BMW vehicles were recalled due to electrical issues. While the cause of the power supply issue was never revealed, most owners have noticed various electrical problems. If you’re experiencing this phenomenon, make sure to investigate it as soon as possible. Our trained technicians can address any suspected electrical malfunctions, and provide the necessary solutions timely and effectively.

5. Broken Door Handles

Typically experienced with the BMW E53 X5 model, owners have reported problems with their door handles. This is evident through the incapability of normal usage, with the handle not unlocking nor opening. The primary solution is to replace the door’s locking mechanism. While the external handles can be replaced by oneself at home, the internal lock mechanism requires special tools from professional automotive technicians. Thankfully, our technicians are equipped to handle any electrical difficulty.

6. Window Malfunctions

Another typical problem is window malfunctions. These occurrences are commonly caused by blown fuses, wiring issues, and faulty window motors, switches, and regulators. More often than not, the motor dies, not allowing windows to close completely. This is risky with weather changes and unwarranted attention from passersby on the street, leaving it vulnerable to water damage and theft. Since BMWs are one of the most commonly stolen vehicles, bring your car in to fix this problem promptly.

7. Automatic Headlights Sensor Malfunction

Automatic headlights are convenient and useful. Yet, in some BMW models, the accuracy of the light sensor is weak. This causes the lights to remain on for extended periods of time, often draining the battery and leading to other electrical problems. The symptoms are difficult to notice, so it’s hard to diagnose. However, if you’re experiencing any battery-related or mysterious electrical issues, bring it in to a technician.

8. Battery Drain and Discharge

The average BMW battery lasts between 4 to 6 years. Although, accidents happen– the lights remain on or the door stays open, draining the battery completely. Even though this is the most common way batteries die, the location of the smart key can also cause drainage by keeping the systems engaged. Meaning, the closer the smart key is to the parked car, the lower the battery efficiency will be. Contact one of our technicians to properly diagnose the problem.

9. Failing Fuel Pumps

According to BMW recalls, various 2014 through 2018 models contain high-pressure fuel pumps that may fail. More often than not, these failures are a result of wire contact issues. Nevertheless, there are numerous symptoms for this problem, including: stalling, poor acceleration, sputtering at high speeds, overheating, and/or an engine won’t start. Avoid further damage or danger by bringing it in to us for professional care.

Bay Diagnostic to the rescue!

Are you a fellow New York BMW owner struggling with any of these issues? Have no fear, Bay Diagnostic is here! BMW Battery Check Serving the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New York, NY communities for the last 37 years, Bay Diagnostic is an auto service center that provides repair and preventative maintenance services for various European vehicles. Our certified mechanics and technicians prioritize customer well being, honesty, and professionalism. In addition to excellent service, we provide competitive rates, specials, and coupons. Whether it’s mechanical or electrical, malfunctions are a hazard to yourself and others on the road. If you or someone you know may be experiencing any of these problems, give us a call at (718) 615-0705 or text us at (516) 860-4764. If you prefer, you can also shoot us an email at!

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