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For some people, driving a car is so much more than just “driving a car.” This giant chunk of metal that helps you get around isn’t just transportation for car aficionados. It’s an experience. The feeling of the machine making its way through the street. The roaring of the engine, tight grip of the curves and what you feel under your foot as you press the gas petal. This is what makes driving a luxury sports car a worthwhile thrill that so many seek.

One thing that keeps even the biggest car lovers away from these quality automobiles is the price tag. Not just the price to purchase the car, but the maintenance and parts costs to keep it running at peak conditions.

If that’s what’s been holding you back from buying that Porsche you’ve been thinking about for years, we’re here to tell you there is a way to finally get into the car of your dreams.

Here are 3 reasons to choose a European Auto Repair Service Center to maintain your vehicle.

Leave the Pushy Upsells Behind

The great things about a certified repair shop is that they can do everything the dealership can. Availability of manufacturer repair information via the Web makes access to the most up to date information available to all. Unlike years ago, that means you can get the same services and the right diagnostics even if you don’t go to the dealer for work. A smaller repair shop also has the added benefit of service-focused culture. Not one driven by salesmen tasked with running around to make upsells or nag while you’re waiting on your car to be serviced. Speaking of, scheduling a time to bring your car in to a busy dealer can be tricky. They are marginally busier and fitting you in is much harder and less convenient.

Reasonable Pricing Using OEM Parts

A certified repair shop is also a great option for more reasonable pricing. Not because the work is sub-par but because dealerships have much larger overhead to justify their hiked pricing structure. The hourly rate savings can add up to great discounts on overall costs for maintenance that have kept you from opting for a Porsche. The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice quality of the repair either. Since OEM parts are being used, you can be assured that your Porsche is always performing the way it did when it left the production facility.

Concierge Service

Let’s be real, a small part of the reason you may want to own a luxury sports car is for the status – and rightfully so. The large investment in a time-tested, road legal race car deserves some valor. Concierge services allow you to continue receiving that value beyond the purchase of your car.

Bay Diagnostics, servicing the Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY area believes in this luxury, one of a kind experience for European car owners and offers concierge services as a courtesy for clients.  No leaving the office or waiting at a shop for your car to be serviced. We’ll pick it up, get the job done and return it to you ready to go.

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