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There are many benefits to owning an Asian or European vehicle – finely tuned performance, sophisticated styling and of course – prestige! Having your oil changed regularly and on schedule plays a critical role in protecting your investment and saving you money on damage or repairs down the road. Depending on your vehicle’s make and model your oil change interval will vary between 3,000 – 5,000 miles. We understand that this may lead to a slightly more frequency of oil change that manufacturer recommendations, however, given some of the horror stories out there, we believe that at a small additional cost of less than $100, you can protect your investment for far longer than average!

At Bay Diagnostic, we offer two types of oil - conventional & Full Synthetic.

An oil change as part of an oil service at Bay Diagnostic is performed by a qualified technician who has experience in your make of car - whether it's an Audi, Mercedes, Honda, Mini or other European or Asian model.

Here are the top 5 benefits of an Oil Service:

Cleaner Engine

An oil change will help keep your vehicle’s engine clean & running smooth

Better Engine Performance

Clean engine oil allows an engine’s internal parts to operate easier and smoother, enabling an engine to maximize its mechanical output.

Longer Engine Life

Wear and friction are the two leading causes of engine wear and failure; regular oil changes reduce engine wear and result in a longer lasting car engine

Lower Vehicle Emissions

Clean oil allows an engine to run cleaner, and a cleaner running engine emits less exhaust than a dirty engine

Better Gas Mileage

An oil change provides an engine with clean oil that provides better lubrication and friction reducing capabilities than old, dirty engine oil. Increased lubrication leads to more efficient engine operation and improved gas mileage


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