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Vanos Repair

In BMW’s from the years 1993-2015 there’s a good chance that your Vanos seal may be failing and in need of repair. Vanos is the BMW answer to a variable valve timing system. Combining hydraulic and mechanical camshaft control mechanisms, it is designed to improve the quality of idling and smoothness of your BMW.

There are a few symptoms to look for that your vehicle will display when it comes to a failing Vanos, most notably a lower RPM loss of power, a loss of power when the air conditioning is running and poorer fuel efficiency. You may also experience difficulties starting your car in colder weather or even stalls when driving, creating dangerous situations for you and other drivers out on the road.

When visiting BMW directly for this issue however, it’s important to remember that they don’t offer repairs for this and instead will install a replacement Vanos, which entails an expensive and time consuming process.

Avoid the high cost of an entire Vanos replacement by bringing your vehicle to the experts at Bay Diagnostic. By choosing to turst our expert BMW mechanics, you’ll be ensuring that your car gets the high level of attention to detail and quality that it needs to properly repair a failing Vanos system, while avoiding an expensive replacement as well as preventing any more potential damages to your BMW.

Utilizing the highest-grade factory level diagnostic tools and equipment, our BMW specialists will ensure that not only is the Vanos up to date and repaired properly when needed, but that the rest of your BMW’s model specific service schedule is followed with all of the precision of going to the dealership but in less time and less of a cost to you.

For BMWs in the Brooklyn and Manhattan areas, Bay Diagnostic offers all of the peace of mind that you would want from trusted and experienced professionals who know and understand your vehicle’s needs.

If you’re noticing any symptoms of a failing Vanos or would like to schedule an appointment for routine maintenance, visit us online at or call us today.

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