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PorscheService and Repair

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For the health and welfare of all we are limiting our hours and CLOSED on Saturday (until further notice).

Porsche Service and Repair

Having repaired Porsche vehicles for more than a quarter of a century, Bay Diagnostic is proud to offer Porsche service and maintenance at dealer-level quality. We understand that our Porsche-owning customers deserve this level of service, and we get you back on the road quickly, without the hassles of waiting or being given the run-around.

Through our expertise in Porsche engineering as well as state-of-the-art technology, our Porsche technicians will diagnose all issues you may be experiencing. We also offer top-quality maintenance plans to ensure that your investment remains safe and performs beautifully for years to come. If you’re looking for expert Porsche service and repair in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or NYC – contact our team today – Porsche maintenance is one of our specialties, so you’re in good hands. We also offer free pick-up and return for your convenience. We are the dealer alternative!

Maintaining Porsche’s standard of perfection

Don’t forget about our free concierge service, which includes not only pick-up and delivery, but a complimentary washing of your sports car. We are the team to trust for Porsche maintenance.

IMS Bearing Maintenance and Repair

Porsche’s intermediate shaft bearing design is intended to be operated in a dry environment. However, over time, the seal that keeps this device dry will wear and allow oil and other engine contaminants to breach the IMS bearing. Once the bearing is exposed to the contaminants, it operates less efficiently, which causes increased stress and wear and tear.

Eventually, the bearing will wear out and cause the engine’s timing chains to disengage, causing the engine to fail. Moreover, pieces of the worn bearing can circulate through your engine causing severe damage.

Bring your Porsche into Bay Diagnostic today to have it inspected for potential IMS bearing issues. A brief appointment could save you from having to buy a whole new Porsche.

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