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BMW MaintenanceM3 and M5

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For the health and welfare of all we are limiting our hours and CLOSED on Saturday (until further notice).

Please contact us for your vehicle’s specific maintenance schedule.

It’s always smart to keep up with the maintenance of your car. Not only will it perform better overall, but you’ll also save money in the long run because you’ll be preventing costly repairs. Not to mention resale value; a car that is properly maintained will do much better on the open market than one that hasn’t been taken care of.

Our service packages for your M3 and M5 will ensure that you’ll enjoy your muscle car for years to come. As you know, these are special cars in BMW’s lineup, so they require special attention when it comes to maintenance. Looking after the M3 or M5’s needs or issues will help your car stand out from less cared-for cars if and when it’s time to sell.

We will check your car to see if the following needs to be replaced or repaired:

  • Fuel pump (especially if you notice that the car is hard to start or stumbles)
  • Front (pre-cat) oxygen sensors
  • Valve cover gaskets
  • Intake plenum seals
  • Vacuum lines
  • Crankcase vent valve/oil separator system
  • VANOS solenoid
  • Camshaft position sensors
  • Secondary air pump system

So if you need expert BMW maintenance for M3 and M5 in Brooklyn, New York City and the surrounding areas, call Bay Diagnostic for help. We are experts in European car repairs.

M3/M5 service

If you own an M3 or M5, you should have an engine oil analysis done every year. This will make it much easier to spot internal engine wear, and it will also allow us to detect head gasket failure and coolant loss.

Our maintenance package can be configured in a variety of ways to ensure that you are getting what you need. Our parts are OE, OEM or performance alternatives, which we’ve been using since 1993. This means that you’ll get top-quality parts, excellent customer service and unbeatable expertise.

When you bring your M3 or M5 to us for service, you can expect the following, depending on the package you request:

  • Engine oil change with filter, using OE BMW 5W30, BMW-Catrol 10W60 or Motul
  • Reset oil service/maintenance light
  • Air filter replacement or cleaning
  • Fill and bleed cooling system
  • Transmission fluid change, using Red Lline ATFD4 or Motul ATF
  • Differential fluid change, using Red Line 75/140 or Motul GearComp 75/140, or OEM oils
  • Brake fluid flush/bleeding
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Engine and A/C serpentine belt replacement
  • Inspect belt roller pulleys (drag and rotation), main accessory pulleys (cracking) and belt tensioners
  • Complete chassis inspection, including front control arms, tie rods, ball joints, wheel bearings, rear trailing arm bushings, rear upper shock mounts, rear subframe mounts, rear sway bar mounting tabs and axle shaft boots
  • Complete brake system test and inspection
  • Engine and transmission leak detection and diagnosis
  • Shifter linkage, driveshaft guibo, u-joint, CV join and center support bearing inspection
  • Exhaust system inspection, including hanger replacement
  • Spark plug replacement

If you’re looking for top-quality BMW maintenance for M3 and M5 in Brooklyn, put us to work for you today!

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