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European Auto Service

Owning a luxury vehicle comes with the responsibility of finding a trustworthy and highly skilled automotive repair shop that matches the excellence of your vehicle. In Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New York, NY, it can be especially difficult to find the right mechanic shop for luxury import vehicles such as Porsche, BMW, Land Rover, and Range Rover. While it isn’t challenging to find any old automotive shop in this area, finding one with the proper expertise in European cars like Porsche and BMW is no easy task. Bay Diagnostic has provided the New York and surrounding areas with exceptional service for over 37 years.

Range Rover services does not differ greatly from Land Rover services in terms of demand, but they generally have different common issues respectively; this is one example of why having only certified and highly trained professionals perform automotive work on your vehicle is of such paramount importance. We know that not all vehicles are created equally—therefore, our automotive specialists on staff are some of the most knowledgeable mechanics in the region, and we know how to tackle even the most complex automotive issues with efficiency and haste. In fact, we are so confident in our work that we will drop off your vehicle to you in-person.

Bay Diagnostic stands alone in reputability; our clientele has remained loyal for decades, and we aim to continue serving generations of families in the New York, Manhattan, and Brooklyn areas. If you are looking for a high quality Porsche service, BMW service, Land Rover service, or Range Rover service, we have a wide range of expertise in such luxury vehicles, and will care for your vehicle as if it were our own. We know that owning a luxury car can be expensive, so we provide affordable services for even the most high-end vehicles. Repair work can be costly; we pride ourselves on our honesty and consistency with our recommendations to clients about preventative maintenance so that you can keep your luxury vehicle out of the shop and on the road. Stop by Bay Diagnostic to check out the facility and meet our staff—we look forward to making your automotive experience more pleasurable.

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