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BMW Subframe Bushing Replacement

Is your BMW not driving as smoothly as it once did? The cause for your recent bumpy drives could likely be worn rear subframe bushings. Your BMW’s subframe bushings need to be replaced periodically as a part of your regular maintenance plan. Unlike many of the systems that are monitored by your BMW’s Service Indicator, you will not receive a notification from your dashboard lights that it is time to replace your rear subframe bushings. However, when you notice that your BMW’s handling is slipping, bring your vehicle to Bay Diagnostic for BMW subframe bushing replacement in Brooklyn.

How Often Should I Replace My Subframe Bushings?

Subframe bushing replacements should be made as soon as possible. While you may be able to drive with worn rear subframe bushings, you may begin to notice odd sounds while driving and reduced handling ability. Most importantly, the longer you drive with worn subframe bushings, the greater probability you will tear your BMW’s rear subframe mounting points. Many BMW drivers report that their subframe bushings fail between 80,000 and 100,000 miles.

Always Trust A BMW Service Professional

BMW’s are the ultimate driving machine, and the ultimate driving machine deserves to have the finest care. When you trust Bay Diagnostic for your BMW subframe bushing replacement in Brooklyn, you are trusting qualified experts who can provide you the superior care your BMW needs.

Subframe bushings require a special tool to remove and replace. Without this tool, it is impossible to remove the bushing. Moreover, removing the wheel and other parts impeding access to the subframe bushing add more time to the lengthy replacement process.

Finally, trusting a professional mechanic is the only way you can be sure that this integral piece of your BMW is installed correctly. Remember, without a rear subframe bushing, handling your vehicle is much more difficult and can even be unsafe.

Schedule Your BMW Subframe Bushing Replacement Today!

If you have noticed strange noises while accelerating or upshifting or if your BMW doesn’t handle turns as tightly as it used to, bring your vehicle into Bay Diagnostic for BMW subframe bushing replacement in Brooklyn. Reserve a time by calling now or visiting our contact page.

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