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thru 01 (E38 Chassis)

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BMW 7 Series 95 thru 01 (E38 Chassis)

  • Oil Change & Filter Service Every 5,000 Miles
  • Annual inspection (1yr/15k)-See below
  • Brake Fluid (lyr/15K)
  • Cabin Microfilter (lyr/15K)
  • Engine Air Filter (1yr/I5K)
  • Fuel Filter (1-2yr/15-30K)
  • Manual Transmission Fluid (2yr/50K)
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter (2yr/50K)
  • Differential Fluid (2yr/50K)
  • Power Steering Fluid (2yr/50K)
  • Flush Coolant (3yr/45K)
  • Accessory Drive Belts (4yr/60K)
  • Spark Plugs (4yr/60K)
  • Spark Plug Boots (4yr/60K)
  • Coolant Hoses (4yr/60K)
  • Water Pump (5yr/80K)
  • Oxygen Sensor (6yr/100K)
  • Charcoal Canister (6yr/lOOK)

Annual Inspection. Once a year, or every 15,000 miles, you should inspect drive belts, water pump and fan clutch, coolant hoses, suspension and steering linkages and joints, driveshaft flex discs, engine and transmission mounts, brake pads/rotors/calipers/hoses, exhaust systems, fluids, etc., looking for premature wear.

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