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Battery Service

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For the health and welfare of all we are limiting our hours and CLOSED on Saturday (until further notice).

Battery Service

Unless something is seriously wrong chances are that when your car doesn’t start it means there’s a problem with the battery. Your car’s battery makes ignition possible along with using various systems like the power windows and radio whether your car is running or not. With cars becoming more and more advanced it’s important that whenever having your battery replaced you get it done by a professional that knows how to properly test and dispose of your old battery. This will help you avoid a bigger hassle and helps to get you back on the road even quicker.

Comprehensive Battery Service In Your Neighborhood

At Bay Diagnostic we offer the most complete battery services available in your area for vehicles of makes and models. Our specialists will make sure to perform the proper battery testing to check that your issues aren’t caused by faulty wiring or a problem related to charging. This way you’re not paying for a brand new battery and installation when the problem is in a different area of your car.

We also make it easier to register your battery meaning that when you need a replacement for your BMW or another import then everything can move smoothly and you can take advantage of your warranty.

After replacing your battery our technicians will also make sure to dispose of your old battery in the proper manner. This helps to spare you of recycling fees and removes the hassle of finding somewhere to take your old, dead battery.

If necessary for your make and model, we also have the equipment to code your battery upon installation.

Vehicles We Service

We understand that drivers want the best for their car and that is why we only use the highest quality tools and equipment even for battery testing and replacing. So if your European, Domestic or Hybrid vehicle is experiencing problems with the battery then the friendly staff at Bay Diagnostic has the proper equipment to check and replace your battery in stock. Rather than wait around for hours at the dealership you can trust that you will be back on the road faster and for a more affordable price.

Bay Diagnostic proudly services from Brooklyn, NY and the surrounding areas and brings the same level of professionalism and care to all vehicles. If your car is having battery issues that need to be tested or you’d like to purchase and register a new battery please call us today. Our technicians are here to help your vehicle get the dealership quality service it needs at the prices you prefer.

We proudly provide service to all Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Smart Car and Volkswagen vehicles.

If necessary for your make and model we have the equipment to code your battery upon installation.

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