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Audi WalnutValve Cleaning

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Audi Walnut Valve Cleaning

A clean engine is crucial to ensuring that you Audi continues to offer peak performance. This is particularly true of engine’s that are designed with direct injection fuel systems. While these engines are more powerful and provide drivers greater ability to accelerate, they are also vulnerable to accumulating dirt and carbon in their intake valves. The obvious problem with a dirty engine is that it becomes less efficient, drives rough and can even trigger your check engine light.

While there are many maintenance tasks that Audi owners can perform on their own, walnut valve cleaning can only be completed with the specialized tools of a professional. Simply, blasting ground up walnut shells through your engine can cause a lot of harm if you do not know what you are doing. This makes it all the more important for your to schedule your Audi walnut valve cleaning in Brooklyn with Bay Diagnostic every 40,000 miles.

Why Does My Audi
Need Walnut Valve Cleaning?

Audi vehicles designed with direct injection fuel systems need to have their intake valves cleaned to remove harmful carbon buildup inside the back of your intake valves that rob your Audi of performance.

The problem isn’t with your Audi. All cars designed with direct injection fuel systems need to have their valves cleaned periodically to prevent too much carbon from accumulating in the back their intake valves.

Direct injection fuel systems directly inject gasoline into your motor, bypassing the intake valves. Other fuel injection systems allow gasoline to enter your motor through the intake valves, cleaning them. When fuel bypasses the intake valves, the valves are not cleaned by the fuel enabling them to become dirty.

Moreover, exhaust is recirculated through the same system, and carbon, dirt and other debris find their way into the intake valves, clogging them.

How Does Audi Walnut
Valve Cleaning Work?

Using specially designed tools, our mechanics remove the carbon accumulation from the interior of your Audi’s intake valves.

Our technicians, first, attach a vacuum to your Audi’s intake manifold. Then, we blast each intake valve with ground up walnut shells using compressed air.

The walnut shells are crucial to this process because they are strong enough to remove the carbon but soft enough where they won’t damage your engine.

Finally, we vacuum all of the carbon and walnut shavings out of your intake valves, leaving them like new.

If you have noticed that your Audi doesn’t drive as well as it used to, it may be time for a service appointment. Remember to choose Bay Diagnostic for your Audi walnut valve cleaning in Brooklyn.

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