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Since power windows became the standard in the automobile industry, many drivers wonder if they add more convenience or hassle to the driving experience. Furthermore, it is questionable whether or not power windows can lead to more expensive repairs if something goes wrong. There is no doubt that power windows are beneficial for drivers, and most people express the desire for power windows over manual windows any day. However, cars with manual windows likely cost a little less, and have other benefits that might make you think twice about having power windows in your car. The most important thing is that you weigh your options before purchasing a car, or before contemplating the features of your next car. Here is a little more information about why power windows can be both good and bad for drivers today:


Manual windows are certainly not convenient, and there’s little argument that pleads otherwise. Imagine your child in your back seat rolling windows up and down without any restraint or mechanism in place to keep them from doing so. This can lead to costly repairs for both power windows and manual windows; however, power windows usually have a safety feature that can engage a “child lock” system, preventing windows other than the driver’s to be controlled by passengers. We’ll talk more about this under “safety.” Beyond safety, power windows are convenient because it enables the driver to control all of the windows in the vehicle independently or simultaneously. Imagine rolling up every window manually before locking your car—a major inconvenience, especially if you are in a rush. Power windows seem to add to the overall convenience of modern electronic luxuries, even though they were developed decades ago. For most drivers, the convenience is worth any additional costs when buying a new car.


Safety concerns are an important benefit of power windows for drivers, especially those who have younger children. Power windows are designed to be more efficient, but I’m sure every now and then the thought enters your mind that a limb or appendage could become lodged in the power window. While it is possible for a power window to malfunction, they usually come standard with a safety precaution sensor that detects when an object obstructs the window from closing all the way, and will stop the window from rolling up any further. Compare this with a manual window that malfunctions, and generally has no such safety feature—the image is terrifying. Furthermore, the driver maintains control over the rear passenger windows; the child safety locks can keep passengers from being able to use the power controls, it just takes a push of the safety button by the driver.

Malfunctions and Deterioration

Rarely do newer vehicles have issues with power windows, unless certain models are known for premature failure. It is possible for power window mechanisms and components to deteriorate, burn out, or malfunction over time, and unfortunately, the fix might be a little more complicated than a manual window system error. Luckily, most automotive technicians are trained to deal with electrical issues in vehicles, including problems with power windows. There are several things that can go wrong with power windows, but the repair costs are usually not staggering. If your power windows lose function or you notice symptoms of the motor burning out, you should bring it to a trusted automotive specialist to inspect. It can be a pain to figure out how to leave a car unattended with a window that won’t roll up, and your belongings inside could be at risk to prowlers.

How We Can Help

At Bay Diagnostic, we are familiar with all the possible issues that power windows can pose for our clients. Because we know that a power window failure can be inconvenient, unsafe, and sometimes dangerous, we treat this issue with the same importance as other repair jobs. In areas like BrooklynManhattan, and New York, NY where life is fast-paced and busy, we also make sure to address issues with haste as to not inconvenience you further. We provide our clients with prices up to 45% lower than nearby services, and additionally offer extended warrantees so that our clients don’t have to deal with crooked, expensive dealershipsContact us today to speak to a staff member, get more information about auto maintenance, or schedule an appointment to fix your power window issues.

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