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How To Reduce Nighttime Driving Risks?

Many drivers love the thought of a mind clearing and peaceful night drive. The roads are a little emptier and oftentimes, drivers tend to relax a bit more behind the wheel. This can unfortunately be a costly error as there are many fatal car accidents and collisions that take place after the sun set. The most common reason why is simply because most drivers aren’t aware of the differences that darkness can make driving at night. Even the most routine driving situations can be made harder at nighttime. There are a lot of reasons why nighttime makes driving harder and one of the biggest ones is because what we see and how we see it is drastically different from day to night. After the sun goes down we become dependent solely on light from stoplights, streetlights, headlights and whatever other light the gas stations and stores we pass can possibly provide. In the nighttime we’re also way more sensitive to bright lights in the for ... read more


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