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Types of Fluids In a Car

Preventive care and maintenance cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to how important it is for extending your vehicle’s longevity and saving you a substantial amount of money in repair work later down the line. Tune-ups, tire rotations, wheel alignments, and other basic tasks should be performed regularly if you want your car to remain in the best shape at all times. Of course, there are the unpreventable, unforeseen disasters that can still occur, but if you do your due diligence as a car owner, it surely won’t be because you missed a maintenance opportunity. Areas like Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New York, NY are particularly busy and compacted when it comes to traffic conditions; the stop-and-go nature of these cities can leave your car in shambles at the end of the work week if you’re not careful. Perhaps one of the most essential parts of ongoing maintenance is ... read more


Car Fluid
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