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What Your BMW Engine Wants to Convey with its Uncommon Noise

Car trouble can be scary; when you notice that your car is acting up and making noises that you don’t recognize, it is usually your car attempting a cry for help. While BMWs are known for their durability and integral engineering, even the soundest vehicles run into issues. Ongoing maintenance is a great way to prevent issues from occurring; every trip to the automotive shop is an opportunity for your technician to address potential issues that could come up. However, if you notice that your BMW is making odd noises, it is usually a red flag for serious trouble. Most people don’t notice that their car is struggling until obvious symptoms occur. Clicking, grinding, squealing, are all indications that you should drop by an trusted automotive shop immediately; getting an accurate dia ... read more


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BMW Carbon Cleaning

Carbon buildup in your vehicle is something that can occur over time in not just BMWs with direct injection but it is a more common occurrence in BMWs. There are multiple models of BMW with direct injection including the N54, N55, N63, N73 and S63 as well as most future models. These models and many more including the E60 535i, the F25 X3 3.5 and all BMW E70 X5 MY2011 and newer all feature some of the most amazing, advanced and sophisticated features in modern engine technology available today. Benefits of direct injection With direct injection however, it’s important to note that this moves the fuel injector from outside the combustion chamber to inside the combustion chamber and directly over the top of the piston. The idea behind this is to allow for a greater fuel atomization, which creates a more homogenous fuel mixture and a precise timing of when the fuel is introduced into the combustio ... read more


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