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3 Reasons to Make the Leap and Buy That Porsche

For some people, driving a car is so much more than just “driving a car.” This giant chunk of metal that helps you get around isn’t just transportation for car aficionados. It’s an experience. The feeling of the machine making its way through the street. The roaring of the engine, tight grip of the curves and what you feel under your foot as you press the gas petal. This is what makes driving a luxury sports car a worthwhile thrill that so many seek. One thing that keeps even the biggest car lovers away from these quality automobiles is the price tag. Not just the price to purchase the car, but the maintenance and parts costs to keep it running at peak conditions. If that’s what’s been holding you back from buying that Porsche you’ve been thinking about for years, we’re here to tell you there is a way to finally get into the car of your dreams. Here are 3 reasons to choose a European Auto Repair Service Center to maintain your vehicle ... read more

Working for Dealerships Compared to Shops

For most technicians, working at a dealership may seem like a great end goal in terms of job security and pay but there are many reasons why working for a dealership is a less stable and ideal place to work when compared to smaller, independent shops. Problems that technicians face at dealerships Most dealers employ technicians at a flat rate, meaning OT is widely discouraged and at some dealerships even a punishable offense. This can also lead to widely varying pay levels for each technician, with newer and less experienced techs oftentimes earning more money than technicians with years of experience and various certifications. Dealerships will also oftentimes provide inconsistent hours to their technicians so while they may be earning $25+ an hour, they’re only working around 20 hours a week, which can be hard to sustain. Unfortunately too, one of the most widely reported de ... read more

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