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Are Vehicle Pre-purchase Inspections Worth the Cost?

A pre-purchase inspection is done when the customer brings in a used vehicle to the nearest shop to have it checked for mechanic and safety issues. From there, the technician will check both front and rear lights, test your brakes, and check over your tires to ensure that your car is ready and safe to drive. A good, quality inspection can be done at a mechanic's home or shop and can come back clean or unearth something major that can make or break the price of your vehicle.

An initial inspection should involve taking the car for a comprehensive test drive that includes hills, valleys, mountains, and bumpy terrain. You should have the mechanic test it over speed bumps as well as flat roads in order to gauge the condition of the shocks and suspension. The mechanic can also test the brakes and other trouble spots. Even an analysis of the automatic alert system can be checked for any signs of possible failure. Other problems that the mechanic can check for are issues with the bodywork and the front and rear bumpers to look for any possible dents or scratches.

Any type of serious outer damage to the frame may indicate a serious accident, so if this gets discovered, your mechanic may need to run additional tests to check for damage not covered during the repair process. A thorough pre-purchase vehicle inspection will reveal anything hidden that you may not have known about the dream car of your choice so you can have the option of lowering the price or picking something else should anything be wrong with it. The mechanic should also check for any leftover damage from floods, accidents, and other disasters prior to the time of purchase.

Buying a new or used car is a huge experience that can be rewarding. But don't let your emotions override your train of rational thought. Remember that you can easily skip over the important details when caught up in the excitement. But the bottom line is that it's best to have it done by a third party rather than a dealership.

So if you're looking to purchase something new, consider giving our auto repair shop a call today. 

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