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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Role of Cooling System in Cars

Engines are constantly firing while running, producing massive amounts of heat that must be regulated in order for the car to function properly—enter the car’s cooling system. While engine firing doesn’t itself make the engine hot, the heat produced by the rapid succession of firing accumulates heat. Typical, average car engines are cooled with the help of liquid coolant and a complex system of parts that collaborate together to reduce the engine’s overall temperature to the optimal driving level. Overheating and other temperature related issues could occur if something goes wrong with the cooling system, so it’s important to be vaguely familiar with the different parts of the cooling system and their role or function in case you encounter specific symptoms. Here are a few of the cooling system components, how they work, and typical issues that are associated with them: Rad ... read more

Five BMW Maintenance Steps You Shouldn’t Ignore

“The Ultimate Driving Machine” is more than just a moniker that BMW uses for advertising. For years they have continually added more technology and made more advances in comfort than almost any other manufacturer. However as well known as they are for the quality of their vehicles drivers know that each BMW also comes with its’ own unique service schedule. Designed to make sure that you keep your vehicle in perfect condition, it is important that you do not take regular maintenance for your BMW lightly. While all steps of the BMW service schedule are crucial to the overall health of your car, these 5 maintenance steps should never be ignored. 1. Mileage Specific Appointments/Inspections The BMW specific service schedule is comprised of yearly/mileage intervals. The first appointment comes every 10,000 miles or 12 months and is full of sl ... read more


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