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Monthly Archives: March 2022

Should I Change My BMW's Transmission Fluid?

Should I Change My BMW's Transmission Fluid?

Besides the normal oil changes and tire rotations you get for your BMW, there is a maintenance service that is often overlooked. And that service is a transmission fluid change or flush. Unfortunately, there's a misconception that BMW's "lifetime fluids" last -- well, a lifetime. However, it is highly advised that BMW owners have it done once their vehicle reaches 100,000. It can even be done before then for safe measures.  What Is Transmission Fluid? This car fluid is a red fluid that supports your transmission's functions, which is to transmit engine power to move your wheels. This fluid lubricates your transmission parts, and when doing so, it undergoes a lot of heat. Over time, the heat breaks the liquid down. Additionally, the fluid can also become contaminated with metal scraps and debris. As a result, it becomes less effective at doing its job. Signs That You Need to Change Your Transmission Fluid Fluid is no longer a vibrant red and becomes dark a ... read more

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