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Monthly Archives: March 2021

What is An Engine Misfire?

What is An Engine Misfire?

An engine misfire is a failure in the sequence of events during combustion. Generally, combustion involves the induction of fuel and air into the combustion chamber, compression of the fuel inside the cylinder, power supply from the spark, and the air-fuel mixture's burning before the burnt gas is expelled. If something in this sequence does not happen, the engine will misfire. Many car engines have four to eight cylinders. If one stops working, the engine will misfire and not function at its full potential. That is where the name comes from, a cylinder or more failing to fire as they should. The combustion process is an intricate one that is made up of controlled explosions. This stress means that something is likely to break down in the long run. When something finally goes amiss, the engine will misfire, and a check engine warning light comes on. What Happens if the Engine Misfires? It is essential to know what happens when an engine misfires and what you can ... read more

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