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Monthly Archives: March 2017

How to Find an Expert Porsche Service Center in Brooklyn

For many of us, our cars are like our children—we wouldn’t trust them in the hands of just anyone. When we invest our hard-earned cash into a car that we simply cannot wait to step into, we want every drive to live up to the hype. Connecting to your vehicle is what car enthusiasts can appreciate about a Porsche—you cannot help but form a bond with it when you sit behind the wheel. In Brooklyn, the busy-ness of city living can make us forget how important it is to escape for a while. When you sit behind the wheel of a Porsche in the Brooklyn area, you gain a new perspective and appreciation not only for the car itself, for the beauty of the city. The engineering that is put into the making of an automobile such as a Porsche should be respected and maintained, which is why finding a European car specialist is at the top of your list when you invest in such a fine vehicle. Why Bay Diagnostic? In Br ... read more


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What is that DPF Warning Light in Mercedes For?

A Note on DPF Regeneration Like most other filters in vehicles, sometimes you need to clean the filter and burn of accumulated soot. However, what makes the DPF filter different from the rest is the regeneration process that the filter initiates. Automatically enacted, the process occurs while the vehicle is in motion between every 2,000-10,000 km and takes anywhere between 30-60 minutes once the engine heats up to a proper operating temperature. There will be a green light that indicates the process is ongoing and it can even be paused should you stop driving and turn off the vehicle; it will resume when you resume driving, giving you maximum comfort and convenience while driving with minimal to no interruptions at all. Common causes why DPF warning light pops-up A Failing Filter– Sometimes the DPF light turning on is an indication that your Di ... read more


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