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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Knowing a Bad Sound When You Hear One

You hear hundreds of different sounds a day from all different angles. You’re constantly bombarded from every direction and with how much time you spend driving each day, it’s impossible to ignore the sounds your vehicle may make as well. While we get accustomed to these sounds and treat them like the daily occurrences that they are but it’s important to remember that when something begins to go wrong with your vehicle, oftentimes the sound it makes is a telltale sign that if noticed early, can save you a fortune. These are some of the most common sounds your vehicle may make and what kind of trouble they may signal. High-pitched squealing- A loud whine or squeal can signal an issue with a number of the belts or pulleys under the hood. Most belts and pulleys wear out over time so it’s important to regularly check and replace them to avoid larger damages should one break while y ... read more


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