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Monthly Archives: July 2020

What's That Smell Coming From My Car's Engine?

What's That Smell Coming From My Car's Engine?

A persistent and unusual scent while driving can oftentimes be a cause for concern. There's often quite a distinction between a vehicle smell and a smell of something inside of your car, such as old food or drink. However, smelling something that is seemingly coming from your car's engine is different.  Strange car smells are typically an indication that something isn't right with your vehicle, and more than likely there is a leak happening. This is why it is important not to ignore the smell, and to get your vehicle inspected as soon as you notice anything weird.  Here are some of the most common car engine smells and what they can indicate:  Rotten eggs - the smell of rotten eggs means you're sniffing sulfuric acid, which points to an issue with your catalytic converter. This is dire to have repaired as soon as possible.    Mold/Mildew - a mold or mildew smell, especially when the air conditioning system is turned on, means just that - yo ... read more

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