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Monthly Archives: January 2021

How to prevent cold weather from killing your battery

For 35 years Bay Diagnostic has been the chosen auto repair shop in Brooklyn for European vehicles, needless to say we know a thing or two about car batteries.  Simply put, batteries don’t like cold weather like we get here in Brooklyn. This article will show you how to care for your car battery during cold weather. A fully charged batter won’t feel 100% in cold weather because the weather affects the chemical reaction happening inside the battery. At 32°F, your cars battery can lose up to 35% of it’s strength and at 0°F, your battery can lose up to 60% while your engine needs twice as much power to start during this time. Here are some tips for battery during the winter 1. Get your battery checked A good battery will have less issues during the winter. If your battery is old or not fully charged, it can easily lose enough power to cause starting issues during cold weather.  Most auto parts stores will check your battery and if y ... read more

How Can I Figure Out What’s Wrong With My Vehicle?

How Can I Figure Out What’s Wrong With My Vehicle?

Having trouble with your car making strange sounds, warning lights flashing, smoking, or finding unexplained leaks? These are all warning signs of potentially larger issues going on underneath the hood of your car. In this article, we discuss common signs that your car needs repair and how a certified automotive technician can help to diagnose and repair your problem. What Is That Sight, Smell, Sound, or Odor? When preparing for do-it-yourself auto repair or talking to a certified automotive repair technician, it's important to explain the specifics of what's been happening with your car. Following are examples of important signs, symptoms, and related questions that can help you figure out what's wrong with your car.Sounds - What sounds were coming from your car when you noticed a problem? Where are the sounds coming from? Sights - Do you see anything unusual hanging from underneath your c ... read more

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