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Monthly Archives: December 2020

A Properly Functioning Cooling System Can Help Avoid Breakdowns

A Properly Functioning Cooling System Can Help Avoid Breakdowns

Your car's engine works hard. And as it works, its temperature rises. The cooling system in your vehicle is responsible for channeling the extra heat out into the air. It circulates a liquid coolant (antifreeze) through your engine and out to the radiator to be cooled by air coming into your car's front grill. Why is a coolant system necessary? Because too much heat under your hood can cause serious problems and breakdowns, problems that can be prevented by a properly functioning cooling system. What causes a vehicle to overheat? You are alerted to your engine starting to overheat by a rise in temperature indicated by your car's dashboard temperature gauge. Often a vehicle overheats because not enough coolant is moving between your engine and radiator. This might happen in a car that's stuck in traffic, or one that's idled too long. The culprit could also be a broken thermostat, or a cracked radiator hose that's allowing coolant to leak. If yo ... read more

Common Problems Every BMW Owner Should Know About

BMW continues to be one of the largest brands in the automotive industry and BMW owners drive them for a reason, performance. BMW’s are meant to be driven. Not only do BMW’s offer superior performance, they also host a number of features and technological advantages. Just like any other vehicle, BMW’s are known to have common problems which is why BMW maintenance and service are essential. As someone who may be considering owning a BMW, it is worth being aware of all the issues before you buy one. AC Malfunction – You will notice that the compression switch comes on for a few seconds and then it goes off. The cause here is a failure of the ambient temperature sensor. The solution is to replace the sensor. Unfortunately, the sensor appears to have a short service life for some reason. BMW AC repair is a common problem we know how to fix. The steering wheel vib ... read more


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