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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

There is no coincidence why April is called the National Car Care Month. April marks the end of winter ice and unsafe road conditions. As you prepare for warm-weather driving in summer, it is critical to prep your car. That means partnering with a professional auto care center to inspect various systems and components and (if need be) repair any failures. Here's a spring vehicle maintenance checklist to boost your vehicle performance; Wash Your Vehicle There's more to washing a car for the spring season than just the aesthetics; it's all about hedging the vehicle's resale value. Before you embark on summer driving, find professional vehicle maintenance technicians to wash your car's body and undercarriage. A good cleaning unveils blemishes on the car paint, which leads to corrosion. Undercarriage cleaning rids it of road salts that accumulated in winter. Switch out Your Winter Tires In spring, temperatures rise above five degrees, and that's good enough for ... read more

Why you should not overlook oil leaks

At Bay Diagnostics in Brooklyn a common problem we see with European vehicles is oil leaks. The good thing about being in business for over 35 years is when it comes to oil leaks, we’ve seen them all, know what to look for and how to repair them the first time. Here are the common warning signs your vehicle has an oil leakDark Spots Under Your Vehicle Dark or wet spots under your vehicle are a sure sign you have a leak. While most commonly an oil leak, it could be other fluids such as brake fluid, water, transmission fluid or power steering fluid. All of which are a concern. Leaks from underneath your vehicle should be inspected immediately as they are usually a sign of a significant leak. When these leaks are caught early, they are generally a minor repair. When left alone, a major repair such as an engine rebuild & transmission replacement is necessary. Burning Oil Smell If you have an oil leak on the top of your engine ... read more

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