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Yearly Archives: 2021

Vehicle charging system

Most people know from experience that nothing can be worse than having a car that does not start, especially in winter and if you’re far away from home. In most instances, the assumption is that the battery has died. Symptoms like dimming lights, flickering, and accessories like the radio not working indicate that there is something wrong with the battery charging system. But how do you know for sure? The vehicle’s battery is under the most load when you’re turning the key in the ignition. Batteries can typically last for anywhere from 3-5 years and even shorter, mainly depending on the quality and the state of its charging system. At times you might replace the battery a few weeks or months ago, but now your vehicle isn’t starting again. The issue has to do with a poor charging system or one that’s malfunctioning. The charging system is comprised of the alternator and other electronics like the computer, battery cable, and other cables, which may go bad ... read more

Test Your Knowledge in Auto Repair

Test Your Knowledge in Auto Repair

Automotive information shows up from time to time on game shows. Now Bay Diagnostics would like to put you to the test and get you on the "hot seat". Here are 8 fun automotive repair true or false statements:   True or False Using a heavier grade of oil in cold weather yields better engine protection. All cars, regardless of newer or older models, must change engine oil every 3000 miles. Because of fuel additives and the elimination of lead from gasoline, you no longer have to get spark plugs replaced. When you turn the key, and you hear a click, that's how you know the battery needs recharging or replacing. Automobile radiators are heat exchangers to keep the engine cool by circulating an engine coolant through the engine block. Tire pressure decreases by one pound for every 10 degrees drop in temperature. When the Check Engine Light comes on your car dash, it means the engine is too old and needs to be replaced. By replacing your car's brake pads ever ... read more

Porsche Cayman Major Maintenance Service

It goes without saying the Porsche Cayman is one of the most complex machines. It is a mid-engine, high-performance vehicle that’s designed with personality and precision. However, keeping up with the maintenance of the vehicle is a challenge but important. If anything, vehicles like these are driven harder and are designed to take a degree of abuse that others can’t. Below is a maintenance checklist of the 987 Cayman, which should help you keep it on the road and performing optimally. Major Maintenance Checklist Checklist of Required Maintenance and Lubrication in the USA and Canadian version of the vehicle. Not for 911 Turbo/GT2(997). Oil needs to be changed 10,000 miles or every year. Maintenance – See Technical Manual After 40,000, 80,000, 120,000, 180,000 miles (60,000, 120,000, 180,000, 240,000 km) etc. Note: Now, if the milage for the scheduled Maintenance hasn’t been reached, then Maintenance has to be performed no later than after 4, 8, or 12 yea ... read more


Routine maintenance and service is essential to keeping your Cayenne in proper running condition. As complex as the Porsche Cayenne is, Bay Diagnostic is the top choice for Porsche repair & service in Brooklyn. Below you’ll find the maintenance schedule for the Porsche Cayenne. MINOR MAINTENANCE EVERY 20K MILES Recommended Oil Change: Every 10k miles or 15k km) or after 12 months, whichever comes first. Note: It is important to know that if the specified mileage hasn’t been met, minor maintenance should generally be carried out every 2 years. The Diagnosis system: entails reading fault memory, recording range information on RO. Replace the engine oil and the oil filter Air Filter: Examine the air filter and if needed, replace A Visual Inspection of the Vehicle’s underside and engine compartment: We will visually inspect for oil and other fluid leaks. Also, abrasions, underbody panels, installation, and damage are closely examined. Coolant hoses check: We ch ... read more

A Trusted Name For Brake Maintenance And Repair

Most of us depend on our vehicles to get us from point A to point B without much drama. But a lot of this depends on how well you've cared for the vehicle. The vehicle's brakes are one of the most essential components, without which you shouldn't drive. Bay Diagnostic is the shop for brake repair in Brooklyn. The Best Way to Care For Your Brakes Since the brakes are a major safety feature, it is important to stay on top of its maintenance. You should make sure to replace all brake fluid, get the rotors resurfaced and ensure that the system as a whole is working perfectly. Make sure that a certified mechanic like one of ours inspects all the components and bleeds the brakes if needed and as needed. How often these maintenance procedures need to be followed mainly depends on your vehicle. However, you can get more information about this in the vehicle's owner's manual. Furthermore, certain driving habits wil ... read more

What do your Axles do?

Your vehicle’s axles rotate and connect to the front and rear wheels. The axle in the front prevents the moving parts from wearing down with its connection at the transmission. The rear axles are meant to protect the moving parts within the differential from wearing. However, both these parts require maintenance and timely repair to ensure reliability. Signs of An Issue with the Axle We have a team of ASE-certified technicians capable of diagnosing issues that have developed in the axle. However, most problems with the axle should be repaired immediately to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive. The following are signs your vehicle has a bad axle: Car vibrates when driving If you have an axle shaft or joint that’s damaged, you will experience lots of vibration. The vibrations will become worse as you go faster. Clicking noises The noises are most audible when turning your vehicle either left or right or in either direction. Signs of grease on the edge of the tire ... read more

Having Electrical Issues?

May vehicles available today have a myriad of complex electronics on board, which may fail when you least expect them. If you own a vehicle and are experiencing electrical issues, there is a possibility that your starter, alternator, and battery may also be affected. Later model vehicles have built-in computers which control brakes, steering, and sensors, etc. To diagnose a vehicle correctly, we have ASE-certified technicians that use the latest equipment to find electrical problems. These issues would be difficult, if not impossible, to address without the right equipment and experience. How To Keep Your Vehicle’s Electrical Systems Working Optimally? To ensure that your vehicle’s electrical system continues to function reliably, it has to be inspected periodically. It is essential to ensure that the battery is producing enough power and replaced when it starts to die. Additionally, a voltage drop test will tell you when the battery needs to be replaced or if the cables ... read more

How To Identify a Bad Fuel Injector in Your BMW

How To Identify a Bad Fuel Injector in Your BMW

BMW is a leading brand when it comes to the luxury, performance vehicle market. Due to their expert engineering, BMWs are widely known to be long-lasting. However, to quote Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility, which applies to BMW owners. Aside from routine inspections, a specific part of every BMW needs special attention: the fuel injector.   What Is a Fuel Injector? Each BMW has its unique fuel injector that varies from model to model. For your BMW to run at its max potential, its fuel injector must be in good condition. This is because the injectors play a significant role in your car's ability to use power. By applying pressure and gas at the right time, the fuel injector injects gasoline directly into the engine. Without the injectors, your vehicle will not be able to attain an accurate fuel to oxygen ratio. A productive fuel injector will ultimately maximize your engine efficiency.    Signs of a Failing Fuel Injector When a fuel injecto ... read more

Top Signs That Your BMW Needs AC Repair

Top Signs That Your BMW Needs AC Repair

Nobody wants to ride around in their bimmer without a functioning air conditioning system. If you try to turn on your A/C in your BMW and no air flows out of your vents, or maybe only warm air spews out, there’s something very wrong with your HVAC system. Your A/C unit in your car is more complex than you may think. It comprises numerous parts, and consequently, the malfunction of any one component can ultimately bring the entire system down.    What are some prevalent causes of A/C system failure?  Refrigerant leak Failing compressor Aged refrigerant hoses Mold or mildew buildup Faulty cooling fan Broken seal or hose The best approach to ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioning will work for the rest of summer is to have your system examined by one of our expert technicians at Bay Diagnostics. Routine inspections of your HVAC system will allow our service team to catch issues early on before they worsen.   If you are unsure whether you are ... read more

Different Ways to Customize Your BMW

Different Ways to Customize Your BMW

BMWs are loved vehicles, and you can easily deck out your vehicle to have it custom to you! Here are some excellent ideas on how to spice up your BMW:   Get Seat Covers Adding seat covers is an easy and effective way to spruce up your car, especially if you want to preserve your luxurious interior. Seat covers can protect your car's lining from spills and sun damage. You will thank us later when you don't have to worry about clean-up.   Customize Your Grill  BMWs are known for their iconic grill—what better way than to accentuate your grill than to add grill stripes. You have the option to get any color you'd like, but the most popular colors to get are classic BMW colors: light blue, dark blue, and red. This is an inexpensive and accessible way to customize your car since you can find some grill stripes on Amazon.   Add a Phone Mount If you are a savvy person, you will love dressing up your car with tech accessories—such as a phone ... read more

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