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Yearly Archives: 2017

All about Hacking of the Car Software

Each day technology advances by leaps and bounds and as such, it has become more and more integrated into vehicles even. More cars are including technology that extends well beyond power windows and a radio, more and more cars are coming equipped with GPS monitoring systems and other Bluetooth and smart-tech to make the driving experience easier and more luxurious than ever before. With the added technology leading cars to resemble computers more and more, drivers are beginning to become concerned that computer hacking into their vehicles may become a real issue in the near future. If you have a more recent vehicle and are worried about vital information being compromised, here are some things to know and remember when it comes to hacking the software in a vehicle. Known Cases Have Asterisks– Despite what you may have heard regarding the hacking of vehicles, sto ... read more


Car Software

Preparing Your Car for a One Day Trip

While long road trips are a staple of most summers, one-day trips require just as much preparation for your vehicle to ensure that it goes off without a hitch. A one-day excursion is a great getaway without the extensive planning of a longer road trip but make sure that your vehicle is ready before going on any type of trip. Before you head out on your next one-day trip, take these following steps as a precaution to help ensure that your car is ready and able to handle whatever the road may throw at it along with also making sure that you have everything that you or your car may need. Some steps to consider Have Your Vehicle Inspected– A full points inspection of your car is part of the routine maintenance schedule designed to keep your vehicle running properly and to help diagnose any issues but prior to leaving on a one-day trip, have a professional mec ... read more


Car Maintenance

Main Causes of Car Air Ride System Failure

Helping your European vehicle navigate all sorts of tough terrain, an air ride system is one of the key reasons that manufacturers like BMW, Porsche and Mercedes are able to offer such unparalleled performance. These suspensions can do everything from keeping your tires in contact with any type of terrain and to actually being able to lower the vehicle to improve fuel efficiency and a vehicle’s handling. The air ride system works together with the drive train, hydraulic dampeners and electronic sway bars and at the center of these suspensions is an air compressor that provides the correct air volume and pressure needed by the corners. In these cars the compressor itself and the air ride control unit are intelligent components that communicate with the Body Control Module and the Stability Control Module on a serial dat ... read more


Car Repair

Easy Ways to Change Your Car’s Air Filter

Keeping your fuel system and engine clean is a pivotal step needed to maintain the performance and efficiency that you have come to expect from your vehicle. It will also go a long way to limiting the work and maintenance needed for your car other than the routine scheduled services. The bulk of this task falls on your air filter to keep not just the fuel system and engine clean, but also the air conditioning system. You can probably imagine the amount of dirt, dust and debris that the air filter can collect as a result, which means replacing the air filter as needed is an extremely important part of keeping your engine and other systems clean. Fortunately, no matter what your level of automotive experience may be, changing your air filter is something anyone can do that requires little to no previous experi ... read more


Car Maintenance
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